Saturday, May 29, 2010


As I flipped through the TV guide last night in search of a decent movie for my Friday night, I saw that "Yeti" would be on the SyFy channel at 9:00. I totally watched it, and it was the best worst movie I've ever seen. This yeti was prone to smashing human heads like melons, ripping out hearts with its bare hands, and flying. Yes, FLYING. I particularly enjoyed a scene in which the yeti ripped a man's leg from his body and used it to beat said man on the head.

Well, this film got me thinking about how hilarious the idea of a Bigfoot sighting is. I mean, honestly, my first reaction upon seeing a yeti would likely be laughter. I don't know how to explain it, but I'm sure you understand. Anyway, as I sat in bed trying to drift off last night, I began brainstorming different situations where I might see Bigfoot. And I tried to imagine how I would tell somebody about it. Oh, yeah, I saw Bigfoot last night while I was weeding the garden. He stomped through my sandbox and stole my favorite birdbath. Wanna see the footprints?

I need better things to do with my time.